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    The Trestle Inn
    339 N. 11th St, Philadelphia PA 19107

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    Payment: Cash, Visa, Mastercard,
    Discover, American Express
    Smoking: No
    Outdoor Seating: Yes
    Private Parties: Yes, back room
    Gift Certificate: Yes
    ATM: No


SOULed OUT w/ DJ Steve J

Friday, July 1. 10PM- 2AM

Join us for a Night of Classic Soul & Funk on Vinyl with DJs Junior and Steve J and Go Go by The Trestle Specials Marsha Katt and Stevie Ryeder.


$10 Cover (cash only)


Proof of full Covid-19 Vaccination required for entry



Saturday, July 2. 10PM- 2AM

A Far Out Disco Dance Party on Vinyl with DJ Steve J and Go Go by Trestle Specials Marsha Katt and Lucy Diamonds.


$10 Cover.


Proof of full Covid-19 Vaccination required for entry.


Whiskey and Go Go

The Trestle Inn presents 60's-and-70's-inspired music, entertainment and drink. Mod Go Go dancers shimmy and shake to soul, funk and classic disco. Famous for its Classic Whiskey Sour, The Trestle Inn is perfect for after-work drinks, dancing and private parties.


We are open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5PM to 2AM. For an updated calendar visit our Facebook page. If you are interested in planning a future event please contact us.

Note we require proof of full Covid-19 Vaccination for entry.

For over one hundred years,

traveling salesmen, circus performers, immigrants, factory and rail workers, cab drivers and downtowners have come to the southeast corner of 11th and Callowhill to cut loose.

From the hustle bustle of the railroad age to the decay of the post-industrial era, patrons could be guaranteed a good drink and a good time under the cover of the Reading Railroad viaduct.

The Trestle Inn of today evokes these bygone days with a wink to the free spirit of the 60s and 70s.

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  • Feel The Love Happy Hour w/ The Center for Emerging Visual Artists
  • Heatwave w/ DJ Hardbargain
3 Calendar_bottle
  • SOULedOUT w/ DJ Skeme Richards
4 Calendar_bottle
  • SATURNIA w/ DJ BiLla
8 Calendar_bottle
9 Calendar_bottle
  • Feel The Love Happy Hour w/ Theatre Philadelphia
  • Heatwave w/ DJ Hardbargain
10 Calendar_bottle
  • SOULed OUT w/ DJs Steve J and SoundinBetween
11 Calendar_bottle
  • Go Go on the Block
  • SATURNIA w/ DJ lil' dave
15 Calendar_bottle
16 Calendar_bottle
  • Heatwave w/ lil' dave
17 Calendar_bottle
  • Prince and the Evolution Happy Hour
  • SOULed OUT w/ DJ Skeme Richards
18 Calendar_bottle
  • SATURNIA w/ DJ lil' dave
22 Calendar_bottle
23 Calendar_bottle
  • Heatwave w/ DJ Junior
24 Calendar_bottle
  • SOULedOUT w/ DJ j the audiophile
25 Calendar_bottle
  • SATURNIA w/ DJ SoundinBetween
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30 Calendar_bottle
  • Heatwave w/ DJ lil' dave
1 Calendar_bottle
  • SOULed OUT w/ DJ Steve J
2 Calendar_bottle
  • SATURNIA w/ DJ Steve J